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Business portraits for social media

October 05, 2015  •  1 Comment

All the reviews and analyses over many years are in and it is conclusive that professional portraits with the right links are necessary for your SEO and will maximise your click through rate.

Professional portraits - that are well crafted, provide the best type of content in all social media resulting in as much as 84% more click throughs than websites and social media blogs with average photos or worse still no photos at all.

Every client of mine comment loudly that the investment with my studio was worth the effort, bringing more enquiries via their website and social media channels. 

If your professional business portrait is linked to the correct page on your website and your specific social media channel, your results will be outstanding.

But only if you have original content. 

Stock images of business team members are now so common they have become meaningless and are tagged to other sites - not your own.

Original professional business portraits by Skovell Photography are encrypted with your meta data which ensures your ownership.

There are three key strategies to ensure you maximise the value of your social media namely:-

1. Usage of your own original content.

As an Entrepreneur you should be using photos of yourself because people are buying YOU as the expert, leader and authority in your field.  

This builds the critical Know/Like/Trust factor.

So you are 'the real deal'.

The types of photos that work really well are of you portrayed in a real and natural way that shows your personality and energy plus you in action delivering your content such as speaking, facilitating, coaching, consulting etc.

2. Update and refresh your photos yearly.

The law of diminishing returns, in respect to your photos, means that the more you keep using and re-using the same business photos the less impact and they will have and therefore decrease the effectiveness of your promotions. By constantly uploading new content, as in new headshots, your prospects and clients will remain engaged to you for longer.

Consider this, business portraits have a definite use by date of 11 months, and sooner than that if your over 47 for women, 55 for men, and especially when this is used in all social media channels.

3: Not all photographs are as good as Skovell Photography.

Bold comment!

But, there is a massive amount of competition for images on all social media channels, so your business portrait must stand out against the crowd. The majority of online shoppers and staff members given the task of finding a supplier will choose a supplier who has a pleasant, focused, professional portrait to look at as they will view this headshot as a confirmation of competence.

You are your brand ambassador, you are the standard your clients will judge by, your brand image is vital to your prospective customers.

In summary: keep your business portraits real, keep your business photos fresh and make sure your headshots are of a high quality so that you will maximise your click-through rate and increase your sales!





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